Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday - Caden

Today was another great day, but it involved us to be flexible. The first thing we were planning to do was visit the Haitian Museum, but right away we found out that it wasn't open. So we had to adjust to God’s plan for the day and decided to explore and taste the culture of downtown Port-au-Prince. When we did that we all ended up having a lot of fun, because the city was setting up for a community festival! While we were exploring, workers were putting huge colorful birds made out of old car tires in the trees and we also saw a dance group practice. We really enjoyed ourselves even though it was very hot.
The second thing that we did was visit an orphanage called La Lou. I really enjoyed myself there and also the kids! It was really calm during our Bible Story and craft, but after we brought out some toys and stuff for them to have, it became crazy in the place. There was a lot of grabbing as the kids wanted to have the toys for themselves. After we got all of them calmed down it went very smooth! 
After the orphanage we went to The Apparent Project, this is a place that woman in the community are able to use their amazing talents and gifts to make things that they can sell. We were planning to get a tour but we weren't able to do that so we had to be flexible again. So instead of doing that we explored the store and bought stuff. There was a cafe in the store so we all were able to get home made smoothies, lemonade and all that jazz which was amazing!
The final thing we did today was eat at an American owned pizza place. It is called Pizza Amour. The thing that we so cool about this place was that the restaurant was a house. The people who started the place were very nice. They had 6 kids and they all worked at the restaurant. We all had a really good time bonding over some amazing pizza!

The thing that I really liked about today was that this one girl at the Orphanage stepped up and told all the other kids at the table to put the materials in the middle. That way everyone could have some materials during the craft. The reason that I love this action is because she and the other kids have so little, but they are willing to share the little things that they have! We are often so greedy and don't want to share, even though we have so much! This is just one reason why I love Haiti.

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