Saturday, May 26, 2012

You're here to love

" You're here to love.  The thought was just a whisper , but I heard it clearly.....Yes, they were glad I was here---even though I could help with just one meal a week for only a few hundred children, even though there was no guarantee of whether we'd have enough food to feed them all, even though I didn't know how to address the underlying reasons they were hungry in the first place, even though I was going to leave them in a few weeks and go back to my house and car and full refrigerator and my life that was so packed with comforts and conveniences.

As I sat with Manmi Det, listening to her pray and sing, I started to think that maybe I wasn't an imposter.  It wasn't about quantity or effectiveness of our different lives.  It was simpler than that.  It was about solidarity.  It was about love.  On that afternoon, in the front left pew, the words You're here to love became my guide.  I promised to myself to remember those words whenever I got swept up in the complexity of numbers and  money and expectations and worry."

Margaret Trost-- from "On that Day Everybody Ate"