Friday, February 6, 2015

Job Well Done

This week the dental team from Advance Family Dental brought together a team that  worked cohesively to bring effective dental care to many who were in dire need.  We saw 90 patients and did 10 root canals, 15 extractions, 147 fillings and saw 3 ortho patients.  The whole staff was involved, including the non dental team goers and each day they would get more and more efficient.

Of course, there are always a few issues.  However, this team has proved that they were incredibly focused and were minimally bothered when issues would arise that would test their flexibility.

Most adults would do everything possible to have a chance to be seen and they would wait for long periods silently and patiently for that opportunity.  Some of the children were a little more uncertain and would escape only to be found and brought back.

This week we had the pleasure to be assisted by a Haitian dentist who graciously volunteered his time  to work along side us.  He stayed at Grace Village and was  assisting us each day.

The team was able to take a break during the mid day period to see some of the elderly in their homes and visit an orphanage as well as deliver water in Cite Soliel.  They also had an opportunity to visit Wahoo Bay Resort and recharge on Thursday after 3 days of an intense long schedule.

As we get ready to return, most have commented on how fast the week went and how much they felt that they had accomplished.  I saw the gratitude on their patients faces as they exited the clinic and I'm grateful for this team and the time they have devoted to helping these people.  They worked hard and they have every reason to be proud of what they have done.