Thursday, August 20, 2015

Elderly and Grace Village Visit

Today we went and visited 3 elders in Titanyen. The first elder we visited was named Clelie, she is 76 years old. She had lots of spirit and joy, we washed and massaged her hands and feet then painted her nails. We prayed over her for strength and health. The next elder we visited was Marie who is 105 years old. We also painted her nails as well as the neighbor kids around her. Her only prayer request was to be able to go to church on Sunday. Finally we visited a 22 year old named Jude Jean Paul, who has epilepsy. We sang and prayed with his mother who is very loving and caring and has devoted her life to him through God.

Next we visited Grace Village and toured the compound. They are creating family lives for the orphans because God created families not orphanages. They are also providing schooling, food, jobs, and health care. The aquaponics farm is providing responsibility and food for the children. It's so great to see the vision of Grace Village come to life.

After we visited the Mass Grave, 300,000 bodies were buried there after the Earthquake. Brunet told us a story of his personal experience with the earthquake and how emotional it was for everyone. Outside of the Mass Grave we gave out "Feed My Starving" food to the surrounding community. When the food started getting low the crowd got a little aggressive, we finished giving out the food and started our ride back to the guest house.

Today was a long emotional yet joyful day and we are very thankful for this experience! -Avery Whitbeck, Maddy Canny, and Lucy Gerst

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